about luxor on line

This is a non-commercial site that merely wishes to promote Luxor in upper Egypt as a place to live in or visit. The idea for this site came from Charles Woods who was a long-term Luxor resident who simply wanted to see a totally positive site dedicated to the town that he lived in and admired. He shared the idea with friends and this site is the result of a team effort. The concept was to provide a series of guides about Luxor that would help both visitors and students of Egyptology. Sadly Charles died before the site was completed but we hope that concept will be realised.

We offer guides to all the major archaeological and tourist sites and you are free to print them off as you wish. All we ask is that you give us credit for our work when appropriate. There is an Arabic/English dictionary and profiles of all of Egypt's Pharoahs, Nobles and Deities on the site. There are also maps to help you find your way around Luxor and guides to all its services and amenities.

Luxor-on-Line offers its full support for the work that Little Stars Luxor Children's Trust does for Luxor's disabled and disadvantaged children in their east and west bank clinics, in their proposed new free nursery school and for the grants they make to other Luxor children's charities.

Contributors to the Site: ..........Connie Tindale, Charles Woods, Jackie C. Grosvenor, Casandra Birrel, Liza Sutton, Sara Atta, Dr. R Johnson, Robyn Webb