Charles Woods

The word nome comes from the Greek Nomoi and means distict. Egypt was traditionally divided up into districts. There were 20 nomes in Lower Egypt (the north) and 22 in the South (Upper Egypt).

Each district had its own emblem or symbol which usually comprised of the local god worshiped from early times. At other times a certain distinguishing element would be used, and these were displayed upon a pole or as a standard. Very often the local god or goddess would be depicted in various animal or human forms but their district or nome area is easily identified by the symbol on their heads. In most of the temples where nome gods/goddesses are represented, those representing nomes of Lower Egypt are only seen on the northern walls, and those representing Upper Egypt are to be found on the southern walls.

Due to the number of nomes named, we have split them into their two natural groups of Upper and Lower Egypt. Click on the appropriate link to view your area of interest.

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