street map of central luxor

The map given below shows the streets, hotels, restaurants and places of interest in Central Luxor. It is a simple map and is only a temporary measure to provide information until a more detailed map is produced. A key to the map is shown directly below the map itself. Should you wish to know the position of something not shown on the map, then simply ask a question on our Forum Site. You do not need to join the forum and can ask your question as a Guest. NB: Since producing this map there have been extensive renovations in Luxor which has meant the resiting of the old Amoun and the El Hussein Restaurants. Also, the Lantern Restaurant has moved to the street opposite the Sonesta Hotel, and the Bombay is now called the Taste of India and is in "St. Joseph's Street". John and John's restaurant is now inside the Gaddis Hotel.

Key to Street Map of Central Luxor
A   Iberotel   I  Happyland l   R   Emilio    Z  Flobater AA  Royal House
B   Old Winter Palace  J  Golden Palace  S   Venus       AB   Club Med
C   New Winter Palace K Shady Hotel  T   St. Catherine’s   AC   Lotus.
D   Luxor Wena L  New Radwan   U  MercureCoralia (Etap)   AD   Sonesta St George
E   Mercure   M  Anglo   V  Philippe   AE    Meridien  - Nile Palace    
F   Arabesque N  St Mina W Windsor   AG    Gaddis
G  Oasis O   X   Little Garden   AH    Sheraton   
H   Tutotel   Q   Mina Palace Y   St. Joseph’s        
Places of interest   Restaurants and Cafes    
1 Post Office  8  Tourist Police a  Metropolitan    I  abu hassan el Shazly t   Pizza Hut and KFC
2 Fire Station 9  Passport Office b  Kababge  j   Lotus and Chez Omar u   Maxime’s
3 Telephone Office 10 Sunshine international c  Sinbad   k  Salt and bread y    7 days 7 ways
4 Railway Station   11 The law Courts d  Hamees  m Mish Mish aa
5 Bank Masri  12  Luxor City Council e  Ali Baba  n  Jamboree ab Snobs
6 National Bank of Egypt  13  Bank Alexandria f and g - old Amun/el Hussein   q  Saiyida Zainab  
7  Banque du Caire  14  Police Station h abu Hagger   r   Mr. Col’s coffee Shop  
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