biographies of egypt's important nobles

Charles Woods

In this section we try to piece together the lives of some of the more important nobles to give an idea of other important people they would have most likely come into contact. We have based these biographies from what is known of their early lives, their parentage and other children they would possibly have grown up with in their youth and into their adult lives. Many of the nobles were members of the Royal Family, and others from powerful ruling families Often the children of these powerful families would have been brought up in the royal nursery, known as the Kap.

Here they would learn to read and write, engage in sports and later hunting pursuits. Usually at an early age they would be assigned to various jobs by royal patronage. Many would be assigned to the temples as priests, others would become scribes of granaries and the pursuit of food production and distribution, still others would enter an army career or in service at one of the many temples. During their teenage years they would be under special guidance to continue their training until they were competent to take over in positions of authority.

All would be totally loyal to the king and as their careers developed, many would become mayors of townships within the Egyptian empire, whilst others would be taken into royal service nearer to home in the palace of the King, or take over important duties in the Temples or Armies of the King.

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