Charles Woods

In this section we try to piece together the lives of some of the more important pharaohs to give an idea of other important people they would have most likely come into contact. We have based these biographies on from what is known of their early lives, their parentage and other children they would possibly have grown up with in their youth and into their adult lives.

Many of the pharaohs were members of the Royal Family, although others may have originated from the ‘commoners’, but nevertheless powerful ruling families and often close to the royal house. Children of the Royal family, along with children of the most powerful of the Nobles families were brought up in the royal nursery, known as the Kap. This was a kind of nursery school.

Here they would learn to read and write, learn the social graces of a future king, engage in sports and later hunting pursuits. Usually at an early age the princes and the heirs would be trained in the Temples in preparation for becoming High Priest and the God-King and to learn all the various ceremonies in which they would later play a leading role.

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