Charles Woods

Luxor-on-line.com is a non-profit-making website dedicated to information and education about all matters Egyptian and is run and managed entirely by volunteers with an interest in Egypt, its history, past and present.

We offer a free service to schools in that we can provide teachers with any information they would like to assist them with any school projects concerning Egypt. Resources can take the form of texts or photographs ancient and modern in any of the subjects covered by the website. For instance, topics can cover Egypt's temples, tombs, pharaohs, viziers, culture, history, religions, gods and daily life in ancient Egypt. If you require teaching materials then we may be able to bring them from Egypt for you.

We do not enter into correspondence with any children, but if a teacher or member of teaching or school staff should contact us with the name of the school, with a link to the school website (if there is one) together with the school’s e.mail address, we will do our best to very quickly provide, entirely free of charge, any of the information or photographs requested for a particular project.

Please contact the Administrator of the website on admin@Luxor-on-Line.com in the first instance together with details of your request and we will respond as quickly as possible, usually within 24 hours.    

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