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Dr Zahi Hawass is Secretary General of the Supreme Council for Antiquities, and a former Director of the Antiquties of Giza. He was born in Damietta on 28th May 1947 and is Egypt's most eniment Historian and Archaeologist. His website is well worth a visit. http://dr.hawass.com/

He has managed to do something for Egyptology that nobody else has done for a long time: he has brought it into the news and made it popular throughout the world. Instead of there being just academic interest in what is found and what it might mean, Dr. Hawass has made everything newsworthy and he has overseen change in attitudes towards what are perhaps Egypt's greatest assets. No longer are they dry and dusty relics they are exciting projects full of controversy.

He is a powerful man in the world of archaeology as it is Dr. Hawass who decides who can dig, where and when. This may irritate some foreign diggers but it is his way of protecting sites that are already under threat of destruction from natural elements as well as tourism.. Most of all Dr. Hawass is a passionate man: his passion for his subject is almost tangible and is certainly infectious.

Zawi HawassZawi HawassZawi Hawass

As an eminent archaeologist, Dr. Hawass is deeply concerned about the conservation and protection of Egypt’s monuments. He has supervised major conservation projects for the Great Sphinx, along with the Serapeum and Step Pyramid at Saqqara where a new cache of mummies was found in February 2009.. He has developed site management plans for a number of important historic areas, including the Unfinished Obelisk Quarry in Aswan and the temples of Kom Ombo, Edfu, and Dendera.  Currently, he is overseeing the completion of site management plans for the West Bank of Luxor, Giza, and Saqqara. He has also initiated the construction of nineteen new museums throughout Egypt, including the Grand Egyptian Museum that will be built near the pyramids at Giza. The value of Dr. Hawass's work towards the preservation of Egypt's heritage and the dissemination of information about its antiqities, cannot be measured.


Dr. Hawass is the author of many books books in Arabic and in English, and they have been translated into numerous languages.

1. The Golden Age of Tutankhamun
2. Secrets from the Sand: My Search for Egypt's Past
3. The Treasures of the Pyramids
4. The Secrets of the Sphinx: Restoration Past and Present
5. Mountains of the Pharaohs: A History of the Pyramids of Egypt
6. The Mysteries of Abu Simbel: Ramesses II and the Temples of the Rising Sun
7. Hidden Treasures of Ancient Egypt
8. Curse of the Pharaohs: My Adventures with Mummies
9. Cradle and Crucible: History and Faith in the Middle East
10.How the Great Pyramid Was Built
11.Valley of the Golden Mummies: The Greatest Egyptian Discovery Since Tutankhamun
12.Silent Images: Women in Pharaonic Egypt
14.Tutankhamun: Mysteries Of The Boy King

Dr. Hawass has published a new book this year (2008) called the "Lost tombs of Thebes" which concentrates on the Tombs of the Nobles. In addition there have been many articles written by Dr. Hawass and published in newspapers and journals throughout the world. Links to many of the articles can be found on Dr. Hawass's own website.

Zawi HawassZawi Hawass

These photos were taken by Dr. Hawass's own photographer - permission is being sought for their reproduction on Luxor on Line

His major awards are:

October 2006
-Featured as an archaeologist in an exhibition at the Children’s Museum in Indianapolis
May 2006
-Named top “100 most influential” people in the world by Time Magazine
August 2005
-Lectured with top 30 famous writers, scientists and Nobel prize winners to the Adventures of the Mind Society, comprised of 150 accomplished high school students in the United States, at Stanford University, U.S.A.
Feb. 2005
-Honorary Doctorate, American University in Cairo
Nov. 2002
Name inscribed on C.D. for the Mars Exploration Rover 2003 mission
-Received an honour from the Egyptological Society in Spain as one of the five pioneers of Egypt, including Naguib Mahfouz, Omar Sharif, Ahmed Suweil, and Om Kolthoum
-Honoured by Mansoura University for his many achievements and contributions to Egyptian society and the archaeological community worldwide; this honour was previously awarded to Om Kolthoum, Omar Sharif, Ahmed Suweil, and Naguib Mahfouz
-Selected by National Geographic as one of its Explorers-in-Residence
-Awarded the Silver Medal and membership in the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences
-Named Distinguished Scholar of the Year by the Association of Egyptian-American Scholars
-Received Golden Plate Award from the American Academy of Achievement: one of thirty honourees of international prominence to receive this award. This honour was previously awarded to people who have won the Noble prize, actors, kings and queens, and prime ministers
-Appointed Adjunct Professor at the University of California, Los Angeles
-Mellon Fellowship from the University of Pennsylvania
-Received First Class award for Arts and Sciences from President Mubarak; this award is in honour of Dr. Hawass’ restoration of the Sphinx
-Received “Pride of Egypt” award from the members of the foreign press in Egypt for achievements in archaeology
 -Fulbright Scholar


BA, Cairo University, 1967; diploma, Cairo University, 1979; MA, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 1983; PhD, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 1987; PhD, Am, University of Cairo, 2005

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