Charles Woods

Egypt has provided the world with a lasting legacy of culture and monuments from the largest and most magnificent to the smallest and most beautiful.   For centuries these treasures have been sought by treasure hunters seeking financial profit, to the humble and simply curious.  Huge quantities of Egypt’s treasurers have been plundered for many years, usually for financial gain, and important artifacts lie in museums and private collections around the world. 

Egypt passed through many phases in its long history, but the ones which are of the greatest interest are the dynastic periods beginning about 5000 years ago.  There have been many royal dynasties from 3000 bce onwards, many of them foreign kings, all of whom have contributed to the diverse wealth and culture of this truly unique country.

Zawi Hawass
Dr. Hawass and the pyramids at Giza

Today, the Supreme Council for Antiquities is headed by Dr. Zahi Hawass who has singularly done more to protect the treasures of Egypt than any other Secretary General in the past.  Not only has the flow of antiques out of  Egypt virtually ceased, but great efforts are continuously being made to recover ones that have been taken from Egypt in the past.   There is more emphasis, nowadays, on conservation rather than the simple ‘treasure hunting’ of the past;  piece by piece Egypt’s history is being put together to reveal more and more of its remarkable and fascinating past.

New and important artifacts, tombs and monuments are constantly being found.  If you would like to keep as up to date as possible on all the latest developments, you are directed to the Zawi Hawass website known as “The Plateau”.   

Click on the following link and you will be taken immediately to Dr. Hawass’s website for the very latest news:   www.guardians.net/hawass

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