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Tomb of RamoseTomb of SenneferTomb of NefertariTomb of son of Ramses IIITomb in Deir el Medina
deir el medina
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There are literally thousands of tombs around Luxor but few are open to the public. Sadly the amazing tombs of Seti I and Nefertari are unlikely to ever be open to the public again. While these remain closed there are others waiting to enthrall you with their beauty. Tombs open and close on a rotating basis to protect them so it is not possible to say which tombs might be open on the day that anyone might chose to visit. The tombs of the Ramesside Kings are large, decorative and no matter how many times you see them you never cease to be overawed by their glory.The tombs of the Nobles are less publicised and are generally much smaller but in many cases their decoration is superb and they are well worth a visit.