(TT 52) (Sheikh abd el-Qurna)- Charles Woods

Nakht was an astronomer and priest of Amun at Karnak during the 18th dynasty under Thuthmosis IV and may have been responsible for scheduling the dates of various religious ceremonies. . His tomb was discovered in 1889, is small and in a cruciform pattern.

The paintings on the walls of his tomb give an excellent portrayal of life in ancient Luxor with rural scenes showing many aspects of agriculture. There are also hunting and wine making scenes and one depicting a blind harp player. The nudity of the entertainers is worth noting.


Tomb of Nakhttomb of Nakht

The paintings are well coloured and show scenes of hunting, wine making and many aspects of rural life.
The paintings are behind panels which were erected some time ago with the intention of preserving them but actually have the effect of making the paintings hard to see and reducing the space within the tomb. The paintings make the tomb worth visiting though.
tomb of nakhttimb of nakht
The paintings show scenes of entertainment with dancers and a blind harp player.