(TT55) Sheikh abd el-Qurna - Charles Woods

Ramose was an hereditary Nobleman and was Vizier to Amenhotep III and then briefly for Akhenaton.  He was related to other family members who held high office under Amenhotep III including Maiy, the Overseer of Horses and had sufficient political stature to have a large tomb made for himself. . His tomb is cut into the bedrock of the Sheikh abd el Qurna and is one of the finest to survive with richly decorated wall reliefs.  


The whereabouts of the tomb was known for a long time but the debris which covered the wall paintings and reliefs was not cleared away until the 1920s. Its entrance is down a long staircase into a courtyard. A narrow doorway at the rear of the courtyard leads to the first chamber which is larger than that of the other Nobles tombs. This leads into a second smaller chamber and then on to a small chapel. The tomb is unfinished and he may have started another tomb for himself at Tel El-Amarna.

The reliefs are exquisite and deal mainly with himself and his relationship with the Pharaoh. Above is shown the scenes of wailing women at his funeral and the priests carrying his mummy to his tomb.