(TT96) Sheikh abd el-Qurna

Sennefer was mayor Luxor during the reign of King Amenhotep II, and in connection with this was permitted to present a double statue of himself and his wife to  be placed in the temple of Karnak.  He was also the Administrator of granaries, garden and cattle of Amun.   Sennefer distinctively wore a heart shaped collar, and is seen wearing this in his tomb which is one of the most beautifully decorated tombs in the Theban necropolis.


The tomb itself is reached via a long flight of some 43 steps which have been cut into the bedrock and descend at an angle to the main chamber. The lack of decoration on the steps gives no indication of the scenes that are inside the tomb. There are many elegant paintings in the tomb and it is distinctive for its unusual undulating ceiling where the anonymous artist has painted a beautiful pergola of black grapes which gave rise to the tom's nickname "Tomb of the Vines".

Behind the burial chamber is a chapel, which is damaged and now closed to the public, but which shows scenes of Sennefer's every day life. The burial chamber is unusual also because it has many scenes which show the importance of the women in his life.