The tomb of Queen Tyti is in the Valley of the Queens which lies to the south of the Theban Hills. Tickets are available on site and one ticket will give entrance to any three open tombs including the tomb of Queen Tyti.

Queen Tyti could have been one of the wives of Ramses III and her tomb is large enough to warrant such a position but although she is referred to in various places as “Chief Royal Wife” and “King’s daughter” her exact position is not mentioned.  As she is also referred to as “King’s mother” and “King’s sister” there could be great speculation over her relationships.  She could also have been the mother of Princes Amun-her-Khepshef and Khaemwaset, two sons of Ramses III that lie close to her in the Valley of the Queens.  But, of course, this again is uncertain as she could just as well have been one of the wives of a much later Ramesside king.

The paintings on the walls of this cruciform tomb were once splendid but they have faded or been damaged by time so are less impressive than they deserve to be.  In brief, in the main corridor Queen Tyti is shown before Thoth and the four sons of Horus guard the burial chamber.  There are three side chambers off the main burial chamber, one of which has paintings of Hathor.  The burial chamber itself has jackal and baboon paintings.

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Many of the paintings are faded or damaged and have lost some of their splendour


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