who's who - viziers in ancient egypt

Charles Woods

The Vizier’s “Who's Who” is our own special compilation taken from a number of sources which are listed at the end of each list. The purpose of this compilation is to provide as much information about the individual without the need to consult numerous references. We have included the approximate time frame of the Vizier and under whose reign he was active along with tomb numbers of those kings. We have included, where possible, names of his relatives and family connections, and any unusual or alternative spellings where known, and have given his place of burial to assist with the identification. Where information is uncertain we have used tentative words such as ‘possible’.

What we have not included is any tomb description, nor any achievements during his lifetime as our list is about ‘who he was’ rather than ‘what he did’. Once correctly identified, it then becomes relatively easy to look up the tomb and those of his relatives and the king he worked for to find further information. Our listing is still under construction. It starts at the 11th dynasty and goes to the end of the 18th, and will shortly include the 19th and 20th dynasty periods. As work on the project progresses, we will cover all the Dynastic periods from the first dynasty right through to the Roman conquest. We hope you find the list useful.